Monday, February 21, 2011


I've decided to join the ranks of the blogging world as a chance to express opinions about solo guitar playing and solo guitar music, as well as different ideas that may pop up from time to time.  This blog will also give me a chance to clear up some misconceptions about my own music.    Sometimes my comments may rub a few people in the wrong direction, but that can't be helped, and I will say here I don't mind ruffling feathers when I feel it could be useful and anything else would be boring.  So I'm looking forward to walking down a new path of opportunity to express myself on topics I find interesting and maybe you do too.  Join me if you have time.  Ciao for now, dq

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  1. Hi Dave, Many moons ago, when you were travelling in Germany in the '70s, you contacted a certain Keith Goulden (Headmaster) in Dusseldorf School and subsequently Hameln school where you played in their folk groups. You visited our house and I was only very young and remember watching you in awe on your 12 string!!! Dad has been listening to an old cassette of yours for years and we've just put it in his hifi system to listen to again. So I decided to google you and he's been watching you on YouTube and is really excited to see how successful you have become. I was going to try to email you from your website as Dad would love to be in touch again. Now 81 years young, he is living in the UK with myself my family (and Mum of course), we will also try to purchase some of your music from your website - good times :)

    All the best
    Della Phillips